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We estimate that this one home alone (SEE VIDEO BELOW) has cost us (the taxpayers) at least $100,000.00 in lost revenue — and at the same time. allowed a scofflaw off the hook. We want to know how this happened and how the Assessor's office plans to rectify these problems.

One of the root causes of the problems appears to be the "information dump" LADBS makes which provides the Assessor's office the information they use to make assessments. LADBS is providing incorrect information, ergo, incorrect assessments. LADBS also is supplying incorrect information to the Bureau of Engineering (see below). Ergo, "errors" in permitting.

There is probably much more here than meets the eye. This entire situation bears prompt investigation.



We've only received limited information from the County Assessor's office about 2540 Thames street.
Here are some questions we'd like answered:

What is the current status of 2450 Thames street and have they been contacted abut their bill?
Is it correct that they are only being taxed for four years out of ten years of grossly under-assessed taxes?
Is it correct that no penalties are being charged?
What mechanism (or lack of) caused a three story, million dollar home to disappear from the tax rolls?
How many more "empty" lots contain homes that have dissappeared?
Who is responsible for paying the tax bill?
How is the Assessor going to deal with LADBS regarding the inncorrect information they are providing?



To all of you who have been following our campaign in opposition to the development of a paper street called Crisler Way in Laurel Canyon, this is our first call-to-action since our inception nine months ago. It concerns something that is exceedingly worrisome to us - “errors” that we have discovered in the issuing of building permits by the Planning Department and Bureau of Engineering that need to be changed immediately. (see video below)


The Problem:
The Dept. of Planning has not responded to requests from Concerned Citizens of Kirkwood Bowl and our community to mutually work out the correction. This campaign is to encourage engagement to correct this problem as quickly as possible.

All five permits issued for Crisler Way (four mansions and a street B-Permit) were issued in “error” - completely bypassing the mandated planning process. A one hundred percent failure rate. There were no penalties incurred when “errors” were made by city regulators from Planning Dept. and the Bureau of Engineering. There was no investigation into why the “errors” occurred and how they should be corrected in spite of numerous requests by CCKB and the community.

The Solution:
A Root Cause Analysis (RCA):should be conducted whenever a permitting “error” is made to identify the root cause - and then correct it. (See the Root Cause Analysis below) This affects far more than just Crisler Way, it affects the entire city of Los Angles.

The Action:
To have as many people possible contact Vincent Bertoni, the Director of Planning and ask if he’s aware of the problem of “errors” committed by his department and why he’s not doing anything to correct them. Use our letter as a template or ask in your own words. The main thing is to actually contact him and let him know how you feel about the way he’s running his department then let us know if you receive an answer.

Once a project starts its too late. That's why its so important to have the permitting process work as mandated - which is what we're asking for with this Community Pressure campaign. Your individual involvement time is only a couple of minutes a week. There will be a very high return on your investment on your efforts for the community.

Here's what we'd like you to do:

Step #1Send an email once a day until you receive an answer to your question.
Please CC the Council Office and the mayor with the provided email addresses. Please let us know if you receive a response.

Step #2Call Mr. Bertoni. You should also call your Council Office).

Dept of Planning • 213-978-1271
Council District 4 • 213-485-3337 or 213-473-7004

Step #3This is very important: WRITE A LETTER and MAIL IT.

SAMPLE Letter/Email: (Copy and paste or write your own.)

Dear Mr. Bertoni,
It has come to my attention that your department has been issuing building permits in “error” and thereby circumventing the planning process. I would like to know what you plan to do about this in your department now that you’ve been notified?

Best regards,
Your name here
Your address here
Your phone number here

Vince Bertoni
Department of Planning
Fifth Floor
200 North Spring St., Los Angeles, CA

Step #4 (optional) • Repeat steps #1 and #2

The rules that allow these “errors” to occur on a regular basis are still the same - which is what we want to change. Now is not the time to take a break, now is the time to push harder. There are many paper streets in the hills and too many permits will be issued in “error”.

You can treat this like a new video game.Have fun with it. Play it a lot.


The Planning Department

To provide a framework for executing a root cause analysis of “errors” and development of a follow-up action plan.

Upon notification of an “error” in permitting, the Planning department will immediately conduct an investigation.

If the RCA determines the error is related to an organizational system or process problem, the department will utilize the organizational performance improvement model to design, implement and evaluate the error reduction and action plan to correct the system issue and/or problem.

The RCA must be thorough and will include:
A determination of the human and other factors most directly associated with the “error”, and the processes and systems related to the “error”.


Analysis of the underlying systems and process through a series of “Why” questions to determine where redesign might reduce risk.

A determination of the potential improvement in processes or systems that would tend to decrease the likelihood of such ‘errors” in the future.

The RCA’s Action Plan will be considered acceptable when it:
Identifies changes to be implemented to reduce “errors”

Where improvement actions are planned, the plan identifies who is responsible for implementation and when the action will be implemented.

The RCA analysis team will be afforded the time and resources to implement the approved action plan.

The RCA analysis team will not, in any circumstances, delay implementation of an immediate action plan to prevent a similar incident (“error”)


Building permits applications update map for the Kirkwood Bowl as of May 2, 2016.
This map will be updated re existing projects and new projects

Update Map


New York Times articles about development in the Hollywood Hills.
This is what is going on in our neighborhood
(and all over the country
We need your support for our work on behalf of the community




A paper street is a road or street that appears on maps but does not exist in reality. Paper streets, which are legally public rights of way are usually undriveable and generally occur when city planners or developers lay out and dedicate
streets that are never built - until now, that is.

The land where paper streets appear was usually considered unbuildable due to location or prohibitive costs to build. Unfortunately, property prices have risen so rapidly and technology has advanced to the point where anything can be built anywhere. No man's land has turned into the wild west of development.

Paper streets are the new mini subdivisions and if someone has the wherewithal to build one to construct another gaggle of McMansions in the hills there is no one to scrutinize the permitting process because its done without notification of any kind. The first you will hear of a paper street being built next to your house is the noise of the bulldozers.

The community DOES NOT HAVE TO BE NOTIFIED - it's written into the code. It's a law that Concerned Citizens For Kirkwood Bowl Foundation is dedicated to amending. People should be informed when a project of this magnitude is being inflicted on their commumnity.

We are also dedicated to the strict enforcement and interpretation of the Baseline Hillside Ordinance in all hillside communities - and creating an historic overlay for Laurel Canyon.

Paper streets are located in all hillside areas.

The problem is the total absence of notification.

To best illustrate the proliferation of "paper streets" honey-combing our hillside communities. Click on this link to ( and enter your address. When the map comes up, you will be able to see where the pavement ends and the "paper" begins. Anywhere there is a street overlay and plot lines - a "paper street" can be found.


Donate money. It takes money to hire experts, attorneys and create campaigns to advocate for our community. We have so far raised $25,000.00 of our current minimum financial benchmark of $ bring our "paper street" problem to a successful conclusion for our community - based on our current projections.

Donate time. This will take more than just money. Equally important is people being available to attend any hearings, site walks, calls-to-actions or what ever may be necessary requiring a physical presence. The Kirkwood Bowl Foundation will do the heavy lifting, but we need the support of everyone in the community.

The Kirkwood Bowl Foundation:
Helps the community fight rampant overdevelopment.
Represents the community at a governmental level.
Advocates for wildlife and wildlife habitat
Uses our 501 c(3) non-profit for public benefit organization status to help individuals directly threatened by out of control development
- whether its a McMansion or an entire street.

We thank you. We are all in this together.


The Most Dangerous Street In L.A.

Paper, Scissors, Stone

Links to all the information you need for Laurel Canyon

Laurel Canyon Association





The videos below will give all the newbies a taste of what happens when unrestricted development is allowed. The first and third videos take place on Grandview Drive 300 feet from Crisler Way. The second takes place on Stanley Hills Drive. You might like to check these out in their entirety as they are precursers of what can come right next to your house unless we stand together.

Both of the first two videos involved "errors" in permitting. This has been going on for years.



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