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The Kirkwood Bowl Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of our environment through community connectedness, long range strategic action, environmental stewardship, responsible development, hard information and pursuing fair and equitable city government.

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Hot Issues

Blue Heights project

Blue Heights massive project – Because of our opposition, the City of LA Zoning Director demanded that the project reduce its size for the 2nd time!

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Hot Issues

Defying the CA Protected Tree ordinance?

Another crazy massive developer attempt on Grand View…

A developer removed 9 protected trees without permits, 2 times!… defying the CA Protected Tree ordinance. So we petitioned the city who fined him and he withdrew his proposal. In the final hearing, the city withdrew his permits for 4 years and he possibly won’t get a permit for 10 years per the ordinance.

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Ongoing Issues

The House That Wasn’t There

We estimate that this one home alone has cost us (the taxpayers) at least $100,000.00 in lost revenue — and at the same time. allowed a scofflaw off the hook. We want to know how this happened and how the Assessor’s office plans to rectify these problems.

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