Is this Laurel Canyon?!
We ALL need to get involved stopping this sort of madness!

Dear Neighbors, unfortunately, developers took advantage of the pandemic’s disorder & managed to complete this project… Yup, 2 massive ugly  McMansions, out of character with Laurel Cyn, & unsafely built!
(Completion photos coming soon.)


Below is the original post text.
Published 05/10/2020:

Dear Neighbors, 

While our Community has shown a tremendous outpouring of help, care and support to their neighbors during this horrible pandemic, others are taking advantage of the moment.

During this time we as a neighborhood are the eyes and ears of the City and our First Responders.

Many neighbors are working with LCA to stop the hillside project actively moving forward at 8144 and 8148 Gould Ave. (See photos above.)

LCA has asked Councilman Ryu’s staff to explain why the City is allowing the project to move forward even though it does not comply with the Hillside Ordinance and seriously jeopardizes the residents below who dread construction mishaps during the rogue excavation.

We are frustrated that the City has allowed the project to proceed without proper regulatory oversight.

Three specific reasons to object to the building/grading permits:

  1. Road widening is required prior to issuance of building permits under the Hillside Ordinance.
  2. Zoning Administrator’s Approval is required for export of more than 750 cubic yards of soil for 8148 Gould.
  3. The City has engaged in “piece-mealing” by not counting the grading quantities for the new house proposed at 8144 Gould. A haul route permit is required for the project.

If you agree, please contact CD4 Council member Ryu to complain and demand a stop work order. Stay Safe, Secure, and Connected!

• Council member Ryu: 

(213) 473-7004. 

• Council member Ryu’s field deputy Madelynn Taras:
(213) 473 – 7004 

• Emma Howard, Director of Planning:
(213) 473-7004